FirstMed Health and Wellness is proud to announce that our very own Jose Marin, Senior Director of IT and Data Analytics, was named this year’s Vegas Inc Top Tech Awards winner in the health care category! 

Jose was honored at Vegas Inc’s annual award ceremony at Allegiant Stadium on Wednesday, Nov. 16. This Top Tech award honors executives who create or direct outstanding information technology that improves and furthers the success of the health care organization. Jose was chosen for his implementation of electronic health records and new data software, and for his dedication to improving the overall experience for Medicaid patients and low-income individuals in need of general and mental health care. 

Jose is self-taught in the IT industry, and he took it upon himself to improve and streamline the electronic processes for FirstMed. He completely redesigned the IT department and the operating system to a much more effective data software system, Tableau. Jose also developed and implemented his own electronic health record system, saving the clinic tens of thousands of dollars. The new digital system streamlined the reporting process for FirstMed health care providers, allowing physicians less time with paperwork and more time with their patients.

In addition to all the upgrades Jose has made in IT for FirstMed, he also integrated a new online check-in and pay system called healow. The new feature allows patients the opportunity to make their copay online, on the phone or through text. The new technology was especially important during the pandemic when more patients requested telehealth services. Since the launch of healow, patients can attend their appointments from home and easily make their copays online, all without needing to come into the clinic. We are proud to work with innovative and driven people like Jose!

To learn more about the prestigious Vegas Inc Top Tech Awards and to see all of this year’s winners, visit https://vegasinc.lasvegassun.com/business/2022/nov/17/vegas-inc-honors-tech-leaders-in-2022-top-tech/.