What is a Community Health Center?

Community Health Centers are clinics where anyone can seek primary care on a discounted fee if uninsured or undocumented, or if you are a Medicaid recipient.  This means that we need to provide basic preventive and primary care to the residents of Las Vegas, in return for grant dollars given by the federal government.  The health center must also comply with all federal and state standards to ensure quality and access for all patients, without discrimination.

What impact does a Community Health Center make in the community?

According to the 2012 Uniform Data System (UDS) and Bureau of Primary Health Care, Health Resources and Services Administration, community health centers served 21.1 million patients across the nation. Of those patients, 93% were below 200% of poverty level and 36% were uninsured.

How do I pay for a clinic visit if I do NOT have insurance?

A Sliding Fee Discount Program (SFDP) is available to all the health center’s patients without insurance or who have high deductible insurance plan that prevents accessing healthcare. How much you will pay for services depends on household income and size and is determined at the time of the visit.

To be eligible for SFDP, it is required that:
1) A sliding fee application is filled out completely
2) Proof of Income
3) Proof of address
4) Form of identification (foreign passports are acceptable)

Please be sure to bring the items listed above at the time of the visit.

Does FirstMed accept insurance plans?

We accept the following insurances: Medicare (not Medicare Advantage), Medicaid, Silver Summit, Smartchoice (BHO, SMART CHOICE HPN MCO), and Anthem. We also accept cash pay/self-pay and have an income based program for eligible patients.  Call to find out if we accept your insurance plan.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment to see one of our providers, you have several options. You can call (702) 731-0909 and select the option to make an appointment or you can use the patient portal on our website and schedule an appointment that best first your needs. At every appointment, please need bring your identification card and insurance card. If you do not have insurance, see Sliding Fee Discount Program on FAQ/Program link for the list of items you will need to bring.

What is a PCP?

PCP stands for Primary Care Provider. Firstmed Health and Wellness Center must be listed as the primary care provider in order for your insurance to cover services provided at the health center. If you wish to be a patient of the health center, you can contact the customer service number listed on the back of your insurance card and request Firstmed to be listed as your PCP.

What if I need a referral to a specialist?

FirstMed Health and Wellness Centers have a comprehensive list of specialists that provide quality, ensure continuity of care, and provide discounted fees for services for the uninsured. Our clinic staff can help arrange a visit to the specialist. Patients are responsible for making arrangements directly with the specialist’s office including payment for services rendered.

What is a patient portal?

The patient portal is a complimentary service available to all FirstMed’s patients. Patients can use the patient portal to make, reschedule or cancel an appointment. You can also pre-register for appointments, check your medical records including laboratory and diagnostic exam results, and look up your next scheduled appointments. Our staff can also send you reminders on the patient portal for future appointments. You will need to register and create a password on your first visit to the patient portal. If you need assistance in doing so, please arrange for a visit at the clinic so one of our staff can assist you.

What is the Patient Assistance Program?

The Patient Assistance Program is available for certain medications. Patients who meet the program requirements may qualify for free or reduced price of medications. If you feel you may need assistance in paying for your medications, please inquire about the availability of patient assistance programs. The application forms will be available at the clinic and it will be your responsibility to complete the application and provide the necessary documents required by the program. If you need assistance in filling out the application, please make an appointment with our office.

What is the Americares Program?

Being a provider for the Americares Program, FirstMed’s eligible patients have access to free or low cost medications, vitamins including pre-natal vitamins, vaccines. Medical supplies including diabetic shoes, sunscreen, and many more. Ask your provider at the time of your visit if you are eligible for the program.