Anyone can report a compliance violation, including employees, patients and visitors of FirstMed Health and Wellness Center.

To report a violation:

Call the Compliance Officer, toll free at 1-833-227-4094, or email

To report a violation anonymously:

Call the Compliance Officer, toll free at 1-833-227-4094 but do not give your name or contact information.

What to report:

FirstMed Health and Wellness Centers is committed to providing efficient, quality and affordable health care services in a holistic, caring and compassionate environment that is accessible to all.

You are encouraged to report and concerns regarding fraudulent or unethical behavior you may have witnessed or experienced.

Please provide as much information as possible when you call/email. Unless your report anonymously, you may be contacted by the Compliance Officer for additional information.

All reports are confidential and FirstMed prohibits retaliation against those who report compliance concerns in good faith.