Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)

The clinics at FirstMed Health and Wellness Centers will now be a first line of service for primary and secondary crime victims, including both child and adult victims, working closely with the Division of Supportive Services to ensure that each victim of crime encountered by FirstMed receives appropriate care.

  1. A primary victim is a person who is injured as a direct result of an act of violence committed against them.
  2. A secondary victim can be a parent, dependent, close family member of caregiver, or a witness to the crime.

While the injuries may be physical or property related, many victims also face mental health issues such as fear or anger, and may not know how to deal with these and other feelings.

FirstMed Health and Wellness Centers can provide victims of crime assistance with:

  •  Victim advocacy/support
  •  Behavioral health
  • Emergency Housing (utility assistance)
  • Food assistance, clothing, hygiene and baby items
  • Dental and Vision assistance including insurance application
  • Identification/birth certificate assistance
  • Education assistance/employment cards etc.

Contact us for more information:

(702) 731-0909