Substance Abuse

If You’re Ready, We’re Here to Help

Addiction to alcohol or drugs is a serious health problem today for many and can lead to significant health, relationship, employment and emotional problems, affecting your overall mental and physical health.  FirstMed is committed to increasing access to high-quality primary and behavioral health care to individuals with substance use disorder (SUD) within a medically assisted treatment (MAT) framework.

FirstMed providers and therapists at ALL 3 LOCATIONS are well trained to deal with substance abuse and related conditions. We recognize that substance abuse is both a physical and mental health issue. Therefore, our program offers the following key features:

  • Initial induction, including comprehensive screenings and assessments (including behavioral health).
  • Pre-scheduled clinic visits for the first week to two weeks.
  • One-on-one therapy sessions with licensed behavioral health providers and/or psychiatrist to address issues regarding achieving sobriety.
  • Clients who complete the SUD treatment will be referred to peer recovery and support services as well as job training within the community to assist them with future success.

Don’t be afraid to ask for our help – CHANGE IS POSSIBLE.

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