Patient Information

On behalf of our entire staff, we welcome you to FirstMed Health and Wellness Center. We want you to feel comfortable with us as your Primary Care Provider and invite you to consider this your medical home. We encourage you to work with us to make your journey towards optimum health as positive and productive as possible.

Below are links to important information to answer questions you may have and to ensure your experience at FirstMed Health and Wellness Center meets your expectations. 

After Hours Coverage

As a patient of FirstMed Health and Wellness Center, you have 24-hour access to medical care. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911. If you need to speak with a provider after the clinic’s hours of operation, please call (702) 731-0909.


There are two ways to make an appointment with FirstMed Health and Wellness Centers. You can call (702) 731-0909 or access the Patient Portal.

The Patient Portal is a convenient and secure tool you can use anywhere you have access to the internet. Through the Patient Portal, you can create an online account that lets you schedule an appointment, request prescription refills, access test results and medical records 24 hours a day. Additionally, the Patient Portal allows you to update insurance and demographic information, view health education materials, view your financial statements, and pay for the services rendered at the the health center. See below to get started.

Click here to visit the Patient Portal.

New Patient Information

Below are links to patient packets. Please feel free to print and fill out these packets before your first appointment to make your visit as efficient as possible.

New Patient Packet

New Patient Packet (Spanish)

Sliding Fee Eligibility Form N

No Show Policy

It is our goal to ensure that all patients are accommodated in a timely manner.  That is why we enforce a No Show Policy. 

It is the patient’s responsibility to notify the clinic 24 hours in advance of any appointment if he/she needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment, so the time can be offered to another patient waiting to be seen. Every attempt will be made by our staff to contact a patient who missed an appointment and offer help to address his/her barriers to keeping the appointment. 

If a patient misses two (2) consecutive appointments without calling to cancel or reschedule (“no call, no show”), the patient will receive a letter via regular and certified mail reminding the patient of our No Show Policy. If a patient misses three (3) consecutive appointments without calling to cancel or reschedule, the patient will receive a second letter via regular and certified mail informing the patient that he/she has been discharged from our practice.

If you have failed to show for your scheduled appointment, please call our main number—(702) 731-0909—to learn how we can assist you.

Sliding Fee Discount Program

As a federally qualified community health center, FirstMed offers all patients access to a sliding scale program which is based on family size and income. If you have questions regarding our sliding scale program, our staff will be glad to assist you. You will also have the opportunity to meet our Caseworker at your first visit to determine your eligibility for other programs.

Sliding Scale Eligibility Form

Prescription Refill Policy

In order to provide refills for our patients, and reduce the risk of errors, FirstMed Health and Wellness Centers has established the following guidelines:

  • Patients should allow 48 hours (2 business days) for medications to be filled.
  • Refills may be requested by calling the clinic at (702) 731-0909 or on the patient portal, or by making an appointment with your provider.
  • Patients requesting continuation of a prescription from an outside medical provider should first make an appointment with a FirstMed Health and Wellness Centers provider.
  • Should your medical provider be out of the office when you request a prescription refill, it is the discretion of the covering provider to fill or not to fill your prescription(s). The covering provider may request that you make an appointment before refilling your medication.
  • Safe medication ordering requires an ongoing relationship with your medical provider. Patients will need to be seen at regular intervals, to be determined by the provider, but at least once a year.
  • Patients should bring their medication(s), or list of medications at the time of each visit, including daily, over the counter, occasionally used medicines, and controlled substances.
  • Patients should inform staff of the pharmacy you use, including its contact information.

Rights and Responsibilities

FirstMed Health and Wellness Centers is committed to providing high quality care that is fair, accountable, and responsive to your needs. We encourage you to be aware of your rights and responsibilities as our patient and take an active role in maintaining and improving your health and strengthening your relationship with your provider.

As our patient, you have the right to: 

  • Receive timely, high quality care from licensed providers
  • Be treated with respect regardless of your age, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, immigration status, or ability to pay for services
  • Expect that your personal and medical records be kept confidential
  • Access your medical record and request to make amendments to, and obtain information on disclosures of your health information
  • Receive clear and accurate information about medical issues so that you are able to participate in your care plan and provide informed consent (expect in emergency situations)
  • Receive explanation of your diagnosis, treatment options and its associated risks/benefits, and prognosis of your condition in a culturally and linguistically competent manner
  • Be informed if treatment is for purposes of research, or is experimental, and to be able give informed consent prior to your participation
  • Refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law, and to be informed of the medical consequences of your decision
  • Receive information regarding availability of support services including translation, transportation, and health education
  • Know the name, profession, and level of training of your healthcare provider, request a change of providers if dissatisfied with the provider assigned. FirstMed staff will extend the best efforts to accommodate the request in a timely fashion
  • Know how to access care during and after clinic hours
  • Receive information regarding the services we offer, our fees, our bill paying policies, and your financial responsibility
  • File a grievance or complaint against staff without fear of discrimination or retaliation and have it resolved in a fair, efficient, and timely manner
  • Request for additional assistance necessary to understand and/or comply with FirstMed’s policies and procedures, access its services, participate in treatment, and meet financial responsibility
  • Receive reasonable notice if your provider decides to end the relationship with you

As our patient, your responsibilities are:

  • Give your correct and complete medical history and billing information, including list of current medications
  • Take your medications as prescribed. If taking a controlled substance, to sign and follow the Controlled Substance Agreement
  • Keep scheduled appointments. If you need to cancel, call 24 hours before the appointment
  • Inform your provider about any living will, medical power of attorney, or other directives that could affect your care
  • Do your part in staying as healthy as possible by following treatment plans and care instructions you agreed to with your healthcare provider
  • Treat staff and other patients with respect
  • Respect the privacy of others
  • Respect the property of FirstMed
  • Abide by the policies of FirstMed
  • Pay for services received as per FirstMed’s policies
  • Pay for services rendered by providers outside FirstMed